Why Boston?

    For years, Boston has attracted top talent from all over the world with its wide variety of highly ranked universities and booming job market. Boston is becoming the new hotspot for both millennials and business executives alike because of the progressive mindset and the thriving job market. More and more business men and women are moving from the suburbs into neighborhoods like Back Bay, The South End, Beacon Hill, Downtown, Seaport, Dorchester and South Boston because homes here deliver a social and convenient lifestyle not found outside the city. Each of these neighborhoods offers high walkability scores and the convenience of Logan Airport and public transportation. Unlike most big cities, it is easy to own and operate a car, which makes commuting a breeze.

    Boston is becoming known as the San Francisco of the North East with its large millennial population. Millennials are spreading their wings and finding their way into this city and doing so in a way that truly affects the local real estate market. When it comes to real estate, there are a few things that Boston has that attracts these tech-savvy go-getters to the city, some of which include:

    • Boston’s close proximity to the beach and ski mountains
    • Wide array of places to eat and drink
    • Dog-friendly
    • Health conscious mentality
    • Affordable housing/living

    Bostonians are hardly bored because there is never a shortage of things to do in the city. It seems as though every weekend you can find an event to go to, whether that be a concert, food festival, or a local sporting event. Say what you will about Boston’s sports teams, but one thing is sure: New England is home to some of the greatest teams in the United States, people from all over come to support our home teams which help boost our economy and make a living in this great city an exciting experience.

    Whether you are a high-up business executive or a millennial trying to find your way, you can live in this city for an affordable price, while also enjoying all it has to offer. The low crime rate, diverse culture, historical atmosphere, and abundance of jobs make living here a truly remarkable experience.

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