City Life 101: Parallel Park Like a Pro

    Boston is one of the most difficult places to park on the planet. We’ve all been there. You’re on Commonwealth Ave. You’ve done seventeen laps. You’ve pulled into a spot with full confidence and look up to see a “commercial parking only” or a “no parking moving permit.” You see a Mini Cooper pulling out of a spot, and you are determined to squeeze your Jeep Grand Cherokee in there as the taxis whiz by you.

    This all too familiar situation (often ending in a mental breakdown) hits home with many Boston residents. Whether you have been living in Boston for some time now, you’ve just moved here, or you are thinking about moving to Boston. We thought that it would be beneficial to share this video that provides some great tips to help you park like a pro!

    Don’t forget to make sure that you apply for a Boston resident parking permit! If you have any questions feel free to reach out we would be happy to help!

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